About me

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My Name’s Angus, and I’m a maker and blogger from London, England.

Software development was never my goal from the very beginning and I’m glad it wasn’t. Then I’d have everything I’d ever wanted and where’s the fun in that?

For most of my education, I was laser focussed on modern languages (French in school and German and Italian at university). No matter how much I loved the subjects, I was still meant to be studying them and so I didn’t always want to. That’s how I got into coding. I used coding as a fun way of procrastinating my actual work.

Hey, it worked out. ¯\(ツ)

If you compound my limitless ability to procrastinate with the fact that someone I knew at school made tens of thousands off of coding up flash games it seems inevitable that I’d pick up dev at some point.

It started as a hobby but as I reached the end of uni I had to make a choice, code or languages. Coding jobs are much easier to come by and normally pretty well paid but I absolutely loved (and still do) all things language and literature. In the end, I applied for both kinds of work and a WordPress job at a small agency in London was the first thing to come along. After a couple of years there, I moved onto a completely remote, product-based company where I’m working on an internal CMS and that’s where I am today!

I also have a Saas system called PyHost which is a deployment and hosting platform for Django applications. I’ve written plenty more about it over on the PyHost blog so head over there and take a look 🚀